PTS Pulp Symposium 2021 - On Demand

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23.11.2021 - 24.11.2021

On Demand - Offer: If you missed the PTS Pulp Symposium 2021, you can watch all presentations and videos of the lectures afterwards with this offer!

Explore our "Program 2021" on our event website.

Future material developments and trends, new fibre products and insight to fibre engineering will determine the content of the PTS Pulp Symposium 2021 on 23 and 24 November 2021.

Insightful topics by and discussions with experts and internationally recognised speakers from science and industry will give you current view in their work in four different sessions. In our preliminary program you will get a first impression of the lectures at the symposium.


The symposium will provide participants with an in-depth look at current work and future trends in fiber-based materials and composites that can be produced using paper technology and related processes.


  • Market and trends
  • Digitalization of production
  • Challenges in the use of fibrous materials
  • Preparation of fibrous materials for paper production
  • Fibers in paper and composites
  • Paper as a composite material
  • Fiber composites in the wet lay-up process
  • Specialty papers

PTS Donor Advantage: As a member company in one of the PTS Donor Associations "Stifterverbände" you receive a 10% discount on the list price.

€ 590,00


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