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Successfull PTS Coating Symposium 2017

Coated – upgraded – smart was the motto of the traditional PTS Coating Symposium held at the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich on 5 -6 September 2017.

Transformation lay at the heart of this year‘s event, as became already evident in the opening speech delivered by Professor Miletzky. In particular the graphic paper segment has been hit hard by market changes in recent years.  Fortunately, the subsequent papers on the present market situation also offered some encouragement, focusing on future chances and opportunities in the fields of folding boxboard and barrier papers and on the role of Industry 4.0.

Surface properties, printability, runnability and pre-wetting were main topics of the next lecture block on “Coating and upgrading technologies”.
The following session on “Components and concepts for coating colour formulation“ presented the latest findings about the application of aqueous barrier coatings, focusing on economic aspects and fluorocarbon-free formulations and introducing also recent developments for inkjet printing papers. The lectures on “Process technology” in session three  showed no revolutionary innovations but major improvements in Curtain Coating, the advantages of short dwell time coating and of the dust-free dispersing of powdery coating colour components – developments that are highly useful to paper and board mills having to realize conversions under confined space conditions. Another subject might have looked somewhat out of place at a Coating Symposium at first sight – cavitation-aided defibration for products that were difficult to defibre in the past. The latter include many of the new innovative products paper mills are offering today. The new technology can help them deal with their coated broke, for example.

The next session on “Innovative products” included a lecture on chromatogeny, a new technology whose development shows how long it can take from an invention to its first industrial application, but which also opens up entirely new product options to paper-based membranes the field of electro-mobility. Another lecture of this session dealt with a promising way of making hot drink cups with aqueous coatings instead of PE laminations.   

All in all, this year’s PTS Coating Symposium offered a much broader range of subjects than the preceding events. Many participants said it was a real “eye opener“ to them, showing which chances  are lying ahead. Also the 11 exhibitors, whose brief contributions livened up the lecture programme, were highly pleased with the event. More than 30% of the attendees had been paper mill representatives.

PTS bid farewell to its 240 satisfied and inspired participants with an encouraging closing speech and the announcement that the next PTS Coating Symposium will again be held in Munich in 2019.