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PTS Christmas Campaign 2019: Children & Trees

This year, the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) will again refrain from sending Christmas cards and instead support two charitable projects dedicated to children and trees.

My tree - Your Dresden -


PTS supported the tree planting campaign with one tree for each employee, so that a total of 100 trees were planted in the Dresden area: For healthy air, healthy coexistence and a better quality of life in Dresden. 💚🌱🌳

Chernobyl Children" Project Group

In January, children from the Belarusian territories contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster visit the "Reimer Mager" armaments home in Rosenthal-Bielatal in Saxon Switzerland.

From 4 to 25 January 2020, a total of 26 primary school children and three supervisors will be on holiday. Thanks to many helpers and donors, the project group "Children of Chernobyl" at the church council Rosenthal-Langenhennersdorf has once again succeeded in organizing such a trip.

Once again this year, PTS is donating part of its money to the "Children of Chernobyl" project, in which our colleagues Franziska Gebauer and Steffen Schramm are active and, among other things, are bringing the children closer to paper making.

Imitators wanted

The PTS team would be pleased if you would refrain from giving gifts to employees and board members and instead support the projects mentioned.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!