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Successful on site event in Heidenau

On 15 and 16 June 2021, the basic course "Quality control and assurance by microscopic examination of paper, fibres & fillers" took place at PTS in Heidenau, which was held in presence due to the high practical part with microscopy equipment. After March 2020, this was again the first event in the PTS seminar room since the coronavirus outbreak.

Hygiene measures

The smooth realisation was made possible by the hygiene concept set up for the participants and the event leaders as well as good preparation by the PTS Academy team. The mobile test team of MEDITECH Sachsen GmbH was called in for support.

In addition to the general hygiene instructions, such as refraining from shaking hands, paying attention to good hand hygiene, keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from each other and using a mouth-nose protection, which PTS provided if required, all participants were tested.

Participant registration and licensed test administration

With the licensed test team from MEDITECH Sachsen GmbH, participants, speakers, event managers and involved PTA staff were tested in front of the PTS building at a set-up test station on both days. Due to the licensing, our participants could also use the tests for the return flight abroad, which provided an organisational relief.

There were disinfectant stands in front of the training room, the number of participants at the event was limited to 15, wearing a mouth-nose protection was compulsory except when seated, 1.50 m distance was observed for seating and all contact surfaces were cleaned regularly.

In summary, all participants and speakers were very satisfied with the implementation and felt safe with the measures taken, so that they could again enjoy the benefits of a face-to-face event.

In the future, PTS is planning to hold face-to-face events again, subject to the incidence-based regulation and potential participants can also obtain the PTS hygiene concept on request.

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