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Well-aimed investments in automatic bale inspection

Recovered paper is an important base material for papermaking. Grades are classified according to EN 643. However, this may result in a high variability of supplied qualities and poses big problems for paper manufacturers. Current observations show an ever-increasing percentage of plastic and foreign matter in recovered paper.

In the light of this situation, it seems natural not only to weigh the incoming deliveries, but to take a deeper look into the recovered paper. In addition to simple moisture-measuring instruments, there is a growing trend of using more specific instruments that allow the recovered paper to be characterised on the basis of additional parameters, either manually or at various degrees of automation. PTS offers assistance especially for the introduction of automatic solutions.

A consulting project with a requirement analysis and an action plan can ensure that the investment is optimized to fit in well with the logistic and warehousing processes for recovered paper. Further related topics of importance are, for example:

• Organisational flow

• Internal logistic strategy

• Spatial boundary conditions and transport strategy

• Staff capacities

• Integration in the IT infrastructure

• Essential performance parameters of the measuring system

• Timeline and budgeting of the investment

The successful outcome of several previous consulting projects showed that the detailed planning and professional supervision of the investment project was beneficial for earlier commissioning and faster ROI. Meanwhile, similar consulting projects have been successfully performed for three customers prior to the introduction of an automated inspection system for recovered paper deliveries, whereby the implementation of the project was significantly accelerated.

Lydia Tempel,

Björn Zimmermann,

Mike Schiefer,