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Successful ZUSE Day regional 2018!

"Research that arrives!" Under this motto, institutes of the Industrial Research Association Konrad Zuse  (www.zuse-gemeinschaft.dedemonstrated their capabilities at the ZUSE-TAG REGIONAL on 20.09.2018. The ZUSE-TAG REGIONAL 2018 was attended by more than 60 research institutes throughout Germany, as well as the Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) at the Heidenau site. 

On ZUSE-TAG REGIONAL 2018, PTS presented the diversity of its products and developments to experts and decision-makers from politics and society.

Starting with the presentation of the ZUSE community and the PTS, the four exciting topics "Is paper flat? - Deep-drawing paper", "Paper and digitalisation", "Coloured packaging coding" and "Glykopack - biobased adhesive" from PTS's everyday practice were vividly presented.

For the guests to touch, the PBStest utensils for food conformity and the aircraft tailgate with sandwich core structures were available for research up close.

During the concluding guided tour of the institute, PTS opened the doors of the laboratories for materials testing and packaging coding and showed the guests the pilot plant with its diverse facilities for paper production and processing.


Material Testing: Long-term Load Test Bench Corrugated Board

Packaging coding: PTS test track

Technical center