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VALMET integrates PaperBaleSensor (PBS) into waste paper bale tester at Smurfit Kappa in Hoya and Birmingham

At the end of 2018, PTS supported Valmet Saragossa in commissioning waste paper bale testers at Smurfit Kappa's Birmingham and Hoya sites. With the PaperBaleSensor (PBS), PTS supplies the measurement core component for the inspection system. The so-called core version is used in Valmet's bale testers. This means that the drill core from the recovered paper bale produced with a core drill is automatically brought to the PBS installed in the system and pushed past the measuring window. The proven NIR methods and algorithms of the PTS are used to randomly determine the moisture, ash, plastic and mechanical pulp content.

The measuring system is fully integrated into the Valmet ball tester PLC and has an interface to Smurfit Kappa's operational ERP system. In Birmingham and Hoya, after Roermond, Smurfit Kappa now has its third bale tester. Two further installations at Smurfit Kappa have already been ordered and scheduled for 2019. Further installations are planned.