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PTS @ Zellcheming-Expo 2019

The team of the Paper Technology Foundation was represented with various topics at the booth as well as at the Zellcheming-Expo Forum.At the Science Flash on the first day of the Zellcheming-Expo, young researcher Birgit Lutsch spoke to an interested audience from the chemical and paper industry about "PCC-functionalized nanocellulose composites in production and application".

(Source: PTS)

The presented topic "Future paper properties by chemical and mechanical modification of pulps" by Dr. Martin Zahel, which led to many interested parties at the PTS booth in the aftermath, also met with strong interest.

In addition, PTS presented a newly developed electrolaysis cell that works with electrical paper and generates electricity in addition to wastewater treatment.


(Source: PTS)

Das PTS Methodenregister als auch das anstehende 29. PTS Streicherei Symposium 2019 in München stießen auf großes Interesse bei den Zellcheming-Expo-Besucher.

The PTS Method Register as well as the upcoming 29th PTS Coating Symposium 2019 in Munich met with great interest among the Zellcheming Expo visitors.