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"Stadtradeln" Campaign: PTS Cycles with & Saves CO2

For the sake of the environment, team spirit and fitness, our employees took part daily in the Climate Alliance's STADTRADELN campaign, a Europe-wide network of cities, municipalities and rural districts with around 1,700 members in 26 countries.

Ein Teil des Stadtradeln-Teams (Quelle: PTS)

The PTS team with the name "Fresh fibre vs. waste paper" started from 24.06. to 14.07.2019 for the city of Dresden and collected with 22 active drivers 7,910 driven km, which resulted in 40th place within the municipality of Dresden of a total of 404 participating teams. The PTS team used the bicycle across departments and departments and thus replaced countless car rides.

Each PTS team member drove an average of 360 km and saved a total of 1,123 kg of CO2, which corresponds to a car journey of 4,500 km with a petrol engine (consumption: 7 l / km; source:

In August, team members for the city of Pirna will take part in the STADTRADELN and thus contribute further kilometres.