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Online events at PTS

In order to remain a reliable and innovative training partner in the future, PTS is increasingly offering online event formats.In addition to the general advantages of flexible and location-independent participation, these formats combine high-quality knowledge transfer under current conditions.

In addition to the existing basic and practical courses, the online formats are a useful addition to the PTS Academy range.

For the second half of 2020 and the coming year 2021, PTS offers various online formats, adapted to the objectives of the participants, ranging from knowledge building and expert knowledge to getting to know new trends and developments.

  • Online workshops with a limited number of participants
  • Online seminars with experts as speakers
  • Online Conferences with trends and development

Overview of offers:

The PTS team is currently preparing an eLearning course on "Paper production - overview", which will be available for booking in the near future. Supplemented by instructor meetings for targeted technical exchange and a practical part, this course will be expanded to a blended learning format. With this format, PTS wants to give companies a flexible opportunity for further training of their employees.


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