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Multi-Client-Project "BPS, BPA, Pergafast 201 and PFASs"


The PTS is looking for suitable participats for the multi client project. With low financial invest, participants get a comprehensive set of data with non-disclosure of products ID and to generate a knowledge edge for the own product.

Current situation

Due to the ban of Bisphenol A (BPA) the developers used for thermal papers changed from BPA to alternatives.

Among these alternatives Bisphenol S (BPS) and Pergafast 201 have been shown to be the main substitutes. Although thermal papers are considered as unwanted material in recovered paper standard grades, these papers are still present in the recycled paper loop. Amendment of a migration limit for BPS in BfR recommendation XXXVI for food contact materials (fcm) made of recovered paper were announced. Restrictions for further thermal developers can be expected.

Denmark banned poly and per fluorinated substances (PFASs) in paper and board food contact materials unless a PFAS migration barrier is in-cluded in the product. Use of PFAS can be direct (surface treatment) and indirect (recovered paper). Denmark introduced an indicator value of 20 µg/g organic fluorine per paper. Content below the indicator value is con-sidered as unintentional background contamination. PFAS substances listed in BfR rec XXXVI are subject of ongoing review due to changes in toxicological evaluations; deletions and restrictions are not unlikely.

Figure: Bisphenol S (BPS)

Figure: Pergafast 201


Figure: Generic Structure PFAS

The idea of PTS multi client project “BBPP”

This multi client project aims in generating data for the paper, paper con-verting and packaging industry.

Data will be generated on

  • content of BPS, BPA, Pergafast 201 and PFASs (determined as total organic fluorine, TOF) in FCM materials made of paper/board /corrugated/tissue
  • release of BPS and BPA from fcm in cold water extracts (EN 645)
  • evaluation of the content of BPS, BPA, Pergafast 201 and TOF in fcm with respect to used recycled paper quality and delivery sources

Benefits for participants:

With low financial invest, participants get a comprehensive set of data with non-disclosure of products ID.

If you are interested in participating, please send your inquiry to: fcm(at)

Project timeline

  • January - February 2021 Invitation to multiclient project to all interested parties (international)
  • Registration for MC Project Participation by email to: fcm(at) - Remark: Participation in MC project is independent from PTS Insight events.
  • 30 April 2021 Deadline for registration and sample arrival at PTS
  • April – May 2021 Analyses of samples
  • June 2021 Evaluation of results by PTS
  • July 2021 Delivery of report to all participants (Parameters, which were not ordered and supported by the participant, will be excluded in the participant´s individual report.)