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PTS is a member of the 4evergreen initiative

Fibre-based packaging has a market share of almost 40% in Europe - due to its easy recyclability and more sustainable production compared to plastic-based packaging, it represents a resource-saving alternative. To ensure that produced packaging achieves optimal recyclability, European stakeholders along the value chain have joined forces in the "4evergreen" initiative. The aim is to achieve a 90% recycling rate of fibre-based packaging across Europe by 2030. Since the variations of fibre-based packaging are increasing more and more, the focus of optimisation is currently primarily on those products that are still less recyclable, such as to-go service packaging. In order to implement the ambitious goals, a total of five so-called "workstreams" (WS) have been set up in which the members, who in addition to paper manufacturers and processors also include representatives of the disposal companies, the recovered paper using industry, distributors, the dual systems and research institutes, exchange ideas on how to solve the problem.

Since May 2021, the Papiertechnische Stiftung has also been a member of 4evergreen and is active in the various working groups. PTS acts as Technical Advisor in the first workstream and contributes to finding an evaluation scheme for the CEPI Test Method Version 1 for standard packaging plants. The further development of the method for special plants and deinking plants is also part of WS1. In the other workstreams, possibilities are discussed to design the process of improved collection and sorting of recovered paper, but also to create corresponding design guidelines and to shed light on future innovations and their challenges on the paper cycle. All this takes place under the umbrella of CEPI and shows the constant striving of the industry.

"The mindset within the 4evergreen alliance is the best chance to really bring the recycling rate forward. Because recycling lives from all those that take part"
Dr. Ing. Tiemo Arndt

In Workstream 4, PTS is also working with industry and other research institutes on laboratory methods and innovations in the field of sorting and processing.