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G. Müller, E.Hanecker,K. Blasius, C. Seidemann, L. Tempel, P. Sadocco, B. Ferreira Pozo, G. Boulougouris, B. Lozo, S. Jamnicki, E. Bobu
End-of-life Solutions for Fibre and Bio-based Packaging Materials in Europe
Packaging Technology and Science, November 2012 (online Publication)

I. Demel, R. Balzer, W. Demharter, N. Kaindl, M. Cordes-Tolle, D. Pfaff
Sustainability in the Paper Industries
Professional Papermaking, 11/2012

K.H. Rosenwinkel, A. Borchmann, M. Engelhart, R. Eppers, H. Jung, J. M. Marzinkowski
Closing loops - Industrial water management in Germany
in: V. Lazarova, T. Asano, A. Bahri, J. Anderson (Hrsg.) Milestones in Water Reuse - The Best Success Stories, IWA Publishing

Klein R., Miletic M., Cunningham P., Meder G. und H. Großmann
On developing methods for the identification of relevant paper properties relating to ghosting in heatset offset
Journal of Print and Media Technology Research 1(2012), pages 25-39

S. Bierbaum, J.-Y. Escabasse, A. Well, B. Kompare,
D. Drev, A. K. Klemenčič
Reducing fresh water consumption in paper industry by recycling AOP-treated effluents
Fresenius Environmental Bulletin (Volume 21, No. 8a, 2012 pages 2178-2184)

B. Simstich, C. Beimfohr, H. Horn
Lab scale experiments using a submerged MBR under thermophilic aerobic conditions for the treatment of paper mill deinking wastewater
Bioresource Technology; 122 (2012); 11–16

M. Ulbrich, S. Radosta, B. Kießler, W. Vorwerg
Interaction of cationic starch derivatives and cellulose fibres in the wet end and its correlation to paper strength with a statistical evaluation
Starch/Stärke, 2012, 64, pages 972-983



G. Weinberger, U. Höötmann
Wastewater treatment plants - a look into a black box
ipw 12/2011

H. Jung, D. PaulyWater in the Pulp and Paper IndustryPeter Wilderer (ed.) Treatise on Water Science, vol. 1, pp. 667–684 Oxford: Academic Press

Meder G.und Klein R.
A situation analysis of a printing phenomeneon
ipw 7-8 2011, pages 10-17

B. Simstich, H. Cücük, S. Bierbaum
Challenge of High Water Hardness and Elevated Temperature: MBR Pilot Trials in the Paper Industry under Mesophilic and Thermophilic Conditions
gwf water/wastewater international, issue S1/2011 (152); 78-83

J. Matheas, M. Erdt und S. AltmannNumerical simulation of tensile testing using stochastically produced fibre networks of paperProceedings - Progress in Paper Physics Seminar 2011Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, Graz, 2011, pages 367-368