PTS Coating Symposium 2019

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Leonardo Hotel Munich,
03.09.2019 - 04.09.2019


The symposium will provide an overview of the latest developments in coating paper and board, technological innovations and market policy aspects.

The focus among international colleagues is on the exchange of experience.


  • Market trends and trends in machine and plant technology
  • Interaction of coating base paper and coating colours
  • Functionalization of paper and board surfaces
  • Use of pigments, binders, additives - interactions
  • Coating color characterization - Measurement technology- Colloid chemistry
  • Coating drying - Satinage - Runnability
  • Printability and quality assessment
  • Round table on current topic

Early bird prices
1.330,00 for registration until 18.06.2019
1.396,50 for registration until 03.08.2019
1.463,00 for registration until 27.08.2019

1.396,50 for registration until 03.08.2019


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