Our offer: Fresh ideas novel applications new opportunities

It takes a lot of development work to turn ideas into marketable products. Experience gained from numerous customer projects enables us to speed up developments and make them much more efficient.

We organize brainstorming workshops to generate new product ideas and identify novel application areas for a certain subject area, period or strategic aim - together with customers and based on the detailed analysis of their needs and situation. Confidentiality agreements make sure that the ideas generated in this process are not used in competitive situations.

The next step is the neutral assessment of ideas to see whether they are technologically feasible and makes good economic sense. This includes

  • Market studies
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • IPR/ patent searches
  • The development of business models
  • Optimising the value chain and vertical range of manufacture
  • Identifying suitable funding schemes

Of course we will also assist you with implementing the most promising ideas, if desired.