We develop innovative materials for your industrial applications

Innovative fibre-based materials enable altogether novel applications resource-saving, sustainable and eco-efficient. We contribute our vast know-how of fibre characteristics to develop products for future markets jointly with our customers neutrally, independently and based on strict confidentiality.

Our offers:

  • We develop leading technologies and processes to guarantee the cost-effective production of paper and composite materials in a difficult economic environment
  • We develop innovative semi-finished products and biocomposites including prototyping using paper and fibre technologies. This unlocks new value creation potential for our customers.
  • We advise manufacturers who wish to position their papers in combination with other materials in new, hitherto unthought-of markets - as developers and mediators.

We support companies by providing practical assistance:

  • We evaluate the feasibility of product and process developments within a few days in our laboratory
  • We identify cost-saving potentials under industry-oriented conditions in our pilot plant for papermaking and fibre technology
  • In the event of a breakdown in paper production or the production of divergent paper quality, we identify the causes and provide recommendations for action to be taken.
  • We provide semi-finished products according to your specifications and our recommendations and we check the further processing together with you.