Cost-optimized raw material use for paper production

Fibrous raw materials and additives make up the most important production factor in papermaking. Paper for recycling (PfR), in particular, accounts for more than 70% fibrous raw material, thus contributing the greatest share. Moreover, additives such as wet-end starch and surface starch as well as virgin pulp are essential to ensure product properties. In order to optimise the use of raw materials and additives, PTS has been investigating and developing innovative processes, tools and models in the following areas:

  • Balancing and parameter identification of fibre flows at the regional to global level
  • Analysis and evaluation of the quality of paper grades/fractions for recycling inter alia through sorting analyses of paper for recycling
  • Forecasting the utility values of fibrous raw materials in papermaking
  • Optimising the paper and process properties in stock preparation by ultrasound and cavitation procedures, among other things, for treating paper for recycling and starch
  • Optimising the composition of raw materials and use of additives using the PTS pilot plant for papermaking and fibre technology
  • Safeguarding paper quality through optimisation of stock preparation, water circuits and additives use
  • Recyclability assessment

What we offer:

  • PfR as a raw material – quality assurance in papermaking
  • “Quality assurance and performance enhancement in PfR management” workshop
  • "Optimised Fibre and Additive Use" research forum
  • "Paper for Recycling Technology and Starch" research forum