Examples of innovative materials from our recent research work

For several years, PTS has been doing intense research into manufacturing methods and possible applications of papers with functional filler contents adn fibre composites. Please haev a look of some examples from our recent research work:

Pre-ceramic papers offering numerous advantages over conventionally produced ceramic structures, e.g. flexible forming to obtain complex structures at low cost. They are suitable for high-temperature engineering as well as water- and hot gas filtration purposes..

Metallic sintered papers usable as innovative, inexpensive semi-finished products in the metal and ceramics industries, e.g. for water and hot gas filtration or high-temperature engineering. The technology makes it possible to combine different materials like copper, ferrite, aluminium, steel, graphite, activated carbon etc. to create the desired properties.

Lightweight building board with flammability rating A. The new lightweight board has a specific weight of around 300 kg/m, which is just one quarter of that of conventional fire protection boards, but comparable strength properties. It can be used in booth construction, for cover panels, non-structural partition walls etc. and was granted the MATERIALICA Award in 2013.

Wet-laid nonwovens based on natural or synthetic fibres for attractive uses: their low grammage and multi-layer structure enables the production of completely new fibre-based composite materials, e.g. for filtration technology or separator papers.

Multi-layer composites with basalt fibres: a new, cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to carbon fibre-based composites that can be used as intermediary for tool manufacturing, aviation and aerospace or automotive engineering, among other.