Multi-client projects: Profit from our scientific know-how

Last year, the Pulp and Paper Pilot Plant of PTS in Heidenau was further modernised and extended. New technical installations like an extruder or the inclined wire module of the pilot paper machine open up interesting new opportunities to develop innovative fibre-based products. PTS invites companies to actively participate in new multi-client projects dealing with the subjects:

Fireproofing of paper and fibre-based composite materials
The project aims to create the prerequisites for the development of ecological, toxicologically harmless web-shaped fireproofing materials that are based on filled and/or impregnated specialty papers and meet the requirements of present flammability ratings. The manufacturing process of the new fireproofing materials should be resource-saving, cost- and energy-efficient and suitable for conventional paper machines.

Paper-nonwoven composites for filter applications
Aim is to use the spunlacing technology inline on the paper machine to produce fibre-based filter composites for various applications. Several layers of fibre-based materials (paper/wet-laid nonwoven, dry-laid nonwoven, textile) are to be bound permanently and non-destructively without reducing the active filter area. The most promising variations will be selected to investigate the converting/finishing behaviour and filtration performance of the composites.

Detailed descriptions of the projects are available for downloading below.