Focussing on corrugated board

This product is on the road to the future

In order to be able to offer firms in the corrugated board value chain suitable solutions for their requirements, PTS has pooled its expertise, know-how and experience to create a focal point for corrugated board. It encompasses three keynote topics:

Focus: Health safety
The use of harmless raw materials in the production of corrugated board to ensure food safety is of utmost importance, especially in times of increasingly stringent requirements to label and classify critical substances in the corrugated board sector. In this context, PTS provides support in developing safe adhesives and in putting them on the market. Another particularly complex problem is the migration of substances out of food packaging. PTS provides support in this respect with recognised test procedures for determining a variety of substances, e.g. softeners and plasticizers, diisopropylnaphthalene (DIPN), benzophenone and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, PTS has many years of experience in developing barriers for a wide variety of different applications.

Focus: Print quality
The development of modern package codification ranges from the classical barcode to multi-dimensional data matrix codes and even 3D applications. Classical thermoprinting is being increasingly superseded by high-speed inkjet printing which is expected to have a high growth potential in the next few years. In order to be able to benefit from the development opportunities offered by digital printing, PTS offers to interested papermakers the possibility to have printed and unprinted samples evaluated. In addition, we can qualify and pre-certify paper surfaces for inkjet codification.

Focus: Product properties
Deviations in flatness are an ongoing issue in the corrugated board industry. The current focal point of research at PTS is the simulation-assisted process optimisation of corrugated board manufacture with a view to increasing productivity in corrugated board plants as well as in downstream converting processes. Based on the experience PTS has gathered, we can provide support with flatness problems not only by using measurement engineering, but also by making an on-site situation analysis and model calculations.

Our range of services at a glance:

Product and process consultancy

  • Simulation-assisted productivity improvement by reducing deviations in flatness
  • Light-weight test and kraft liner
  • Consultancy on process engineering
  • Development of barriers to protect packaged goods and to prevent migration of undesired substances
  • Development and production of innovative adhesives for corrugated board manufacture including testing of the product, process and adhesion properties
  • Development of paper with alternative plant-based raw materials for corrugated board manufacture

Printing technology

  • Optimisation and evaluation of printability and runnability, especially for digital printing processes, offset and flexography

Measuring and testing services

  • Testing of strength parameters (ECT, puncture energy, bursting strength and 4-point bending stiffness) and characterisation of the properties of corrugated board during the transport process
  • Determination of undesirable substances and contaminants such as mineral oil, phthalates and DIPN in corrugated board packaging