Safe food packaging

New solutions for recyclable food packaging

The European paper industry produces approx. 38m tonnes of packaging paper, of which approx. 9m tonnes are used in the food processing industry. An important raw material for such packaging paper and board are fibres recycled from newspapers, from magazines and from packaging. As a matter of fact, some paper and board grades are manufactured exclusively from recycled fibres. This in turn means that approx. 35m tonnes of packaging paper actually contain recovered paper. This is reflected in the high recovered paper utilisation rate of 75% for packaging materials in Europe.

Unusable materials such as bisphenol A, benzophenone, phthalates and mineral oil can migrate through the packaging material and into the food or beverages. These substances are introduced by the processing and converting steps (printing and gluing, among others) while the packaging is being manufactured and thus enter the wastepaper circuit in this way.

We are developing new solutions designed to prevent the migration of unusable substances and at the same time preserve the major advantages offered by fibre-based packaging, viz. sustainability and recyclability. We are in a position to determine the barrier action of films, foils and coatings using cutting-edge analytical methods.