We are service provider and
your partner to evaluate and
modify surfaces

We are a service provider and your partner to evaluate and modify surfaces. Our laboratories offer state-of-the-art equipment for powerful surface analytics, e.g. to evaluate surface parameters, characterise optical properties or evaluate printability.

Our offers:

  • Web-type materials
    • Optimisation of printability and runnability, especially for digital printing processes, offset and flexography.
    • Smart interfaces, e.g. porosity, sorption and shielding.
    • Functionalisation of surfaces, e.g. switchable properties or 3D structures.
  • Raw materials
    • Reduction in quantities used, e.g. increased bonding strength.
    • Replacement of undesirable substances, e.g. boric acid, petrochemical products.
    • Use of innovative materials for specific applications.
  • Technology transfer
    • The use of proven, adapted or new processes to implement novel products and efficient processes, e.g. functional printing or networking technologies.

We support companies by providing practical assistance:

  • We examine the suitability of raw materials and coatings aimed at achieving specific properties, e.g. binders, crosslinking agents, pigments, adhesives, paints and varnishes.
  • We evaluate the penetration of paper surfaces and simulate dynamic processes, e.g. in inkjet printing or corrugated board gluing.
  • We develop papers for high-speed inkjet printing on a laboratory and pilot scale and pre-certify them using industrial printing technology.
  • We develop formulations and coatings for individual applications.
  • We optimise or replace the manufacturing and processing technology for new and proven products (printing/crosslinking, extruding/crosslinking).
  • We provide advice when substances of concern are used in layers or in paper.