Evaluating papers for high-speed inkjet printing – neutrally and with practical relevance

High-speed inkjet (HSI) printing is a process that must meet almost contrary requirements: fast ink drying to ensure high printing speeds on the one hand and adequate fixation of ink components so that they will not „disappear“ into the substrate to ensure high contrast and ink brilliance on the other hand.
To help you solve this challenging task, we have developed a novel test stand for practice-oriented evaluations of HSI print quality. It allows the pre-certification of papers for HSI printing by analysing print parameters such as

  • Ink density and chromaticity coordinates,
  • Spreading of ink drops,
  • Missing or light dots,
  • Print unevenness (mottling, coalescence),
  • Streakiness as well as
  • Bleeding and wicking.


  • Cost-efficient and fast development of print media for HSI jobs
  • Practice-oriented and reproducible laboratory printing tests
  • Objective evaluation of important printability parameters
  • Forecasting the print quality of new paper developments on Canon/Ocι HSI printing machines