We put your ideas for new paper products and composite materials into practice

Use our pilot plant facilities for practice-oriented and innovative developments of new products and processes. Test stands for defibration, screening, chemical pulp upgrading, refining, flotation, washing, sheet formation, treatment in the size press or metered size press, super-calendering and circuit water treatment make studies across several process steps possible so that raw materials, converting properties and product utility can be assessed.

A new key area is fibre composites: This class of materials offers a broad spectrum of applications ranging from simple technical components to high-performance structures for automotive engineering as well as aviation and aerospace. With our twin-screw extruder, we are able to offer you a completely new way of pulp treatment and compounding, e.g. for modifying pulps in the high-consistency range to obtain intermediate products for papermaking and other industrial applications.

Our competence:

  • Development of innovative fibre composites
  • Practically relevant quality evaluation of pulps
  • Development and testing of new technologies for pulp upgrading
  • Material- and quality optimisation (fibres/ fillers/process chemicals)
  • Development of new paper qualities and sample production for application studies.

Our pilot plant team looks forward to receiving your inquiries!

All trials carried out on PTS pilot plants are kept strictly confidential. Samples and test products will be encoded and findings will be disclosed to the ordering party only.