Knowledge without boundaries: current transnational cooperation projects

ACTIPOLY aims to develop a novel fibre-based thermo-formable packaging material for the production of compostable trays for fresh food packaging. Further development steps will include barrier functionalities for moisture and O2 impermeability optimised for thermo-processing and also antimicrobial coatings, both intended to preserve the freshness and edibility of the packaging good and thus extending the shelf-life.

CaReWood will introduce an upgrading concept for recovered solid timber as a source of clean and reliable secondary wooden products for the European industry. The project will develop a business model for cascade use of wood recovered from building renovation and demolition, the furniture sector and the packaging and transport industries.

In the project REFFIBRE, tools will be developed for the paper and board industry that can instantly provide the needed information regarding the impact of new production processes, raw material input and product innovations , as well as the influence on the recyclability of the end product. The tools enable paper makers to consider innovations affecting profitability in the value chain. Link to project video

SELECTPERM aims at ist die systematische Entwicklung einer kostengünstigen, umweltverträglichen Verpackung mit einer selektiven Permeabilität gegenüber Sauerstoff und Kohlendioxid. Die Permeationseigenschaften der Verpackung sollen an die Anforderungen der auf Atmung angewiesenen Lebensmittel angepasst sein.