We identify the chemical composition and structure of your products

To succeed in today’s increasingly competitive markets, manufacturers must know their own products and market position as well as their competitors. But it is not enough to compare the technical data of products – one must see the broader picture to be able to draw the right conclusions for success.
Wanting to ensure a consistently high product quality? Or to identify the causes of defects, maybe to handle complaints?  Ask our experts – they will be pleased to offer practical advice: competently, neutrally and based on strict confidentiality.

We rely on the experience gained from numerous consultancy projects for renowned clients and are constantly developing new methods to maintain our competitive edge.

Examples from our range of services:

  • Quantitative determination of main paper ingredients (lignin, xylan, ...)
  • Determination of the quantitative and qualitative composition of fibres
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses of paper ingredients
  • Identity and conformity checks of fibres and additives
  • Identification of corrugating base papers (semichemical fluting, kraft liner, test liner/fluting)
  • Failure analyses
  • Identification of spots, deposits and impurities
  • Detection of defects to reject low-quality goods or enforce price deduction
  • Chemical mapping in the micrometre range
  • Measurement of parameters like ash, moisture, coating binder content etc.
  • Optimizing the incoming quality of paper for recycling