Compliance with food safety requirements we offer analyses you can rely on

Tests proving the compliance with relevant food laws are becoming ever more important also due to the migration of unwanted substances from packages made from paper for recycling. We offer reliable measurements of mineral oil content by GC/FID as well as migration analyses.

Examples from our service range:

  • Development of barriers preventing the migration of unwanted ingredients (sample production and analyses on laboratory and pilot scale), detection of unwanted ingredients like mineral oils in paper, paperboard and board
  • Analysing the migration of substances like mineral oils from paper and paperboard in food stimulants (Tenax migration); studying the migration into foodstuffs
  • Determining the barrier effects of films, foils, coatings and absorbent materials against petroleum-derived hydrocarbons etc.
  • Determining the effect of creasing, folding and cutting on the migration properties of cartonboard packages
  • Environmental compatibility: evaluation of papermaking and converting products or residues
  • Environmental Label: analysis of paper, paperboard and board for compliance with the award criteria of the Environmental Label (RAL-UZ)
  • Determination of the transfer of antimicrobial constituents (Hemmhof test)