The „Photographic Activity Test“

Evaluating the archival quality of materials

Next scheduled test runs:

  • October 2021
  • March 2022

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Since the 1980ies, the Photographic Activity Test (short PAT) has been the established – and meanwhile also internationally standardised – method for evaluating the archival quality of materials. In the method specified by ISO 18916, samples are brought in contact with special detector materials at 70 °C and 86 % relative humidity for prolonged periods. Analysis of the detector materials before and after incubation provides reliable information as to whether or not the sample material is suitable for archival purposes of silver halide images. The PAT is recognized as the worldwide standard today, which has made it an important marketing tool for manufacturers.

PTS offers the PAT as a service. Please contact us well in advance if you plan to have your materials tested. In this way, we can combine several orders to offer you more attractive conditions and avoid longer waiting times.