We measure the physical and chemical properties of your products

Physical testing has to do with forces, strength parameters, temperature or heat. The results describe the condition of materials, making it possible to draw conclusions about the resulting product quality. Our laboratories are equipped with several universal testing machines that record stress-strain diagrams, conduct failure analyses or crush tests. Optical strain field measurements and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) make it possible to comprehensively characterise elastic and plastic deformation

Examples from our service range:

  • Strength parameters
    • Determining the deformation behaviour of solids and highly viscous liquids
    • Studying the ageing behaviour of materials
    • Recording load-displacement curves or stress-strain diagrams to analyse material failure under load
    • Characterising the properties of ultra-thin layers
    • Characterising transition processes (e. g. glass transition, curing of adhesives)
    • Determining the mechanical characteristics of paper, paperboard, films and foils
  • Porosity
    • Permeability of filter media to air and liquids
    • Penetration dynamics in the millisecond range
    • Pore size distributions in the range of 10 nm to 50 ΅m
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Characterising material samples based on thermal conversion (DSC) or degradation processes (TGA)

Please send your requests to: materialtesting(a)ptspaper.de