We assure the quality of your printing and converting products

Despite the continued prevalence of conventional test methods in printing and converting, modern analytical techniques have found their way into this area as well – complementing the established technology and providing deeper insights into ”true“ phenomena. We have pushed ahead with and contributed greatly to the introduction of new test methods in this area – profit from our expertise!

Examples from our service portfolio:

  • Printability
    • Pre-certification of papers for high-speed inkjet printing
    • DataMatrix code: Assessing the codability of cartonboard for pharmaceutical packaging
    • Use of advanced image-analytical methods (DOMASmultispec) for analyses of print unevenness, gravure printing, missing dots, heliotest, bleeding & wicking, picking, penetration and mottling behaviour etc.
    • Area and intensity distribution of printed dots
    • Quality assurance and process optimisation by means of scanner-based integrated paper and print analyses.
  • Converting
    • Optimisation of hot sealing processes and materials   
    • Abrasion measurement of die cutting tools
    • Determining the release forces of pressure-sensitive composites and peel resistance of adhesives
    • Behaviour of pressure-sensitive composites in rotary die cutters
    • Measuring the quality of cut edges
    • Testing of plastic films, adhesive and finishing layers