We show you the surface – down to the last atoms, if you like!

Topography parameters can provide important information about the condition of surfaces – when determined and interpreted by experienced specialists. We can complement these results with imaging methods providing insights into the chemical composition of materials. If you want to know everything about the surface of your product, we can visualize the molecular composition or atomic structure of coatings or ultrathin layers such as dirt specks or deposits – there are endless possibilities for understanding surfaces in detail.

Examples from our service range:

  •  Microscopy
    • Surface imaging by means of optical and scanning electron microscopes
    • Morphology studies
  • Wetting and penetration
    • Characterising the penetration behaviour of liquids into surfaces/single drop analysis
    • Dynamic and static contact angle measurements
  • Optics:The determination of standardised properties such as
    • brightness, opacity, gloss
    • light fastness and light-induced ageing of printed and unprinted samples
  • Topography
    • Determination of topography parameters
    • Correlation with physical surface properties
    • Determination of surface structure by atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Chemical characterisation and “mapping“
    • Mapping the chemical composition of surfaces
    • Identifying impurities or films on surfaces
    • Identifying and mapping organic and inorganic components