With our testing services, you take no chances!

The PTS testing services, successfully established on the market many years ago, allow us to help companies validate their own results of measurement, calibrate their instruments based on the state of the art, verify the suitability of hazardous materials packaging and authenticate the document security of printing systems.

Document testing
The PTS Document Testing Service certifies that a tested printing, copying or writing system is admissible for use with documentation, e.g. as for originals of notarial acts or equivalent documents.

Safety packages
PTS is recognised by BAM as an external auditor for sacks made of paper, plastics and textiles, solid board boxes, and corrugated boxes and flexible large-size packages made of plastic fabrics and films.

CEPI services
The CEPI Comparative Testing Service has been operative since 1976 and provides verification services in the area of physical materials testing of pulps, paper, paperboard, board and corrugated board under the patronage of the European umbrella organisation of the pulp and paper industry (CEPI). PTS alone take care of some 200 clients in Germany and Austria within the framework of the CEPI-CTS scheme.

In cases where certification is required in accordance with the quality standards DIN EN 9000 - 9004, these services are an efficient tool creating success. Meanwhile, more than 50 companies avail themselves of this highly developed service mission.