CEPI Comparative Testing Service - Do not leave this to chance!

We provide our customers with support for in-house quality assurance. The CEPI Comparative Testing Service that was established in 1976 under the aegis of the European Confederation of the Pulp and Paper Industry for the physical materials testing of chemical pulp, paper and paperboard, cardboard and corrugated board is offered biannually in the form of Round Robin Tests that include 36 individual test procedures. At present, some 200 companies are taking part.

Testing is based at least on ISO methods taken from the following sectors: principal characteristics and strength properties, optical properties, sorptive properties, permeation and printability. The results provide information about the status of in-house testing devices and agents, personnel qualifications, conformity with the standards and test procedures in their entirety. This independent, impartial and anonymous check is a useful tool for in-house improvement processes and welcome proof of sound quality assurance of both the products and their performance.