Documents - forgery-proof, please!

Inspecting printing systems and writing utensils for documentation purposes

Certain official documents require certification that we can issue after successful testing. Such required certifications include the Uniform Administrative Directive to the German Notaries (DONot), guidelines of the Ministries of Justice of the German Lδnder, the German Federal Budget Code (BMF) and the Office Instructions for the German Registrar's Offices (BMI). In addition, customer-specific questions on every aspect of document security can be answered on the basis of orienting preliminary tests.

Testing is conducted on the overall "printer - toner - paper" system as an integral unit. Test prints for future acts, deeds, records, documents and other legal instruments are subjected to testing, the unprinted paper itself as well as selected printer data in order to ensure the reproducibility of the results of testing. The test prints are subjected to chemical, mechanical, optical and thermal loads - and the printed characters must be clearly discernible and legible thereafter. Particular attention is paid to toner adhesion to rule out invisible manipulation of later documents. If the test is successfully passed, we issue a PTS Test Certificate which our customers can use both as verification of the tests conducted and for their own marketing purposes.